Orifice Flanges


Economy, reliability and precision, in short: TECSAS orifice flanges. This remains the leading execution of flow meters also after a century of applications; this is why TECSAS manufactures these meters using the most precise methods in order to perpetuate their application in time. Measuring in compliance with the ISO 5167, ASME MFC 3M, AGA REP.3 standards, international technical manuals. The utilisation of CNC working centres allows to comply with finishing and size tolerances in compliance with the ANSI B16.36 standards and with the more restrictive specifications such as ENI, TECNIMONT, SHELL, ARAMCO. A special attention is directed to the execution of pressure taps for their position and finish of the intake hole, to the finish of the RF or Ring Joint coupling faces. Wide range of diameters, forged materials and boltings.