Tecsas Srl, a company that has been working since 1978 in the flow measurement sector,

offers itself today as a renowned company appreciated by field operators both in Italy and abroad thanks to the entrepreneurial skill of its founder. Product quality, maximum attention to customer requirements and the capability to quickly meet their needs represent the company “mission” and the reason of its success and of the increase in turnover, in the number of employees and machines over the last years. Constant investments in structures, persons and machinery allowed the company to widen the range of production activities to the sectors of boiler works and heat technology components, to metal structural work for producing pressure vessels (tested according to the European directive 97/23/CE - PED) and to the making of gas panels to be used in the heat technology and industrial sector.

Experiences gained in the sectors applying our products together with the expertise of our personnel allow us to offer customer services for the maintenance and control of the equipment and plants.